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Why you must have a ECOMMERCE site?

  • Broader reach across the world markets and people
  • Any type of business be run with unlimited product/services or offering in the website
  • Customer base is vast and can be attracted via unique and interactive website
  • With right optimization visibility can be increased so as to grab more traffic
  • Offers all useful information that a customer or shopper requires
  • Easy search for desired product, its relevant specification and picture view from galleries & catalogues
  • Store remains open with all its offerings for 24/7
  • User friendly shopping cart, calculators and currency support for needed assistance
  • Shipping and payment gateway for product to reach customer in a totally safe and secured way
  • Thorough evaluation, analysis, tracking & reporting methods for both store owners and users
  • Lowers marketing costs and efforts while saves impressive level of time and cost
  • Online business can be expanded constantly as administration system, customer data, orders, stock & inventory can be maintained easily
  • Via ecommerce web development sales can be increased significantly as discounts, coupons and sales system can be applied.

What we can do?

  • Multiple Images Per Product :- It allows the customer to have a better view about the entire product
  • View Featured and New edition products :- Customers will have the privilege to know about new product and services
  • Product Image Zoom-in Capability :- For better enhancement of a product. (Real time experience)
  • Product Reviews:-This features allows the customers to write review about the product been purchased.
  • Send to a Friend with Email:- This unique feature helps to promote the products through your customers
  • One-Page Online Checkout:- This is time- consuming features, which assists customers to make their payment instantly.
  • Integrated for Real-Time Shipping Rates from UPS®, FedEx®, and USPS®
  • Payment Gateway Integration:-Option on Credit Card Transactions to Authorize and Charge or Authorize Only and Charge on Creation of Invoices
  • SSL Security :-Support for All Online Order and Sensitive Transactions
  • Tax & Shipping Module:- Online Tax and Shipping Calculation and Prior to Checkout Estimates by managing the consignments based on Weight and Destination
  • Registration page & Guest check out :-Option to Create Account as Part of Online Checkout Process. It can also be done without registration
  • Gift Message Management:-It gives an opportunity for the customer to draft their personal wishes to their loved ones
  • Multiple Shipping Address Management :-You can send your purchased product to multiple locations within a single order.
  • Email Notifications of Orders :- It helps the buyer to keep the track of his/her purchase
  • Dealers Location :- It allows customers to track the nearest dealer within their locality

Solar Energy Company

Our client is a publicly-held Solar Energy firm based in Northern California, is led by veterans from the solar, telecom, networking and software industries, and backed by leaders from throughout the solar power industry.


They were experiencing inefficiencies in its inventory management & Logistics & SCM processes. With suppliers across the world delivering parts for the company's products, multiple buyers within the company are responsible for tracking the parts required for each product from the manufacturing phase through delivery. The company needed a way to keep a master list of all inventory with easy access to parts' delivery statuses and other pertinent information relevant to the company. The firm believed Riverstone Infotech can provide them solution in their MRP, Shipping & Logistics Dept and engaged us to develop a custom MRP system focused on enhancing inventory management through powerful parts tracking, management and reporting features


Riverstone initiated the project by holding extensive interviews with client personnel to understand the company’s needs and challenges. Riverstone followed an agile, iterative, approach to application development, allowing the client to regularly review and make adjustments to the application, and to easily incorporate the clients' evolving requirements. Throughout the project, Riverstone focused on open communication, with regular status reports and meetings, consistently engaging key client personnel and ensuring project milestones were met on time and within budget.


Riverstone developed a custom database driven inventory management application that enables the company's multiple buyers, regardless of their locations, to easily track, manage, and generate reports regarding the company's inventory and deliveries. The user interface of the application was developed to be clean and user-friendly, enabling users to easily navigate and utilize the system. The intuitive automated system provides the client with a rapid, accurate, and efficient means to collect, process, transmit, record, and manage inventory data. Providing a clear view of any inventory shortages and delays, along with comprehensive communication tools, the system eliminates the need to rely on traditional means of communications, such as phone and email, etc., to manage such delays.

Some of the Salient features offered by Riverstone Infotech to Enphase:-

  • We provide reporting capabilities to view board test and repair histories, yield data, shipping data, and test parametric data.
  • We also provide asset and equipment tracking system to safeguard the integrity of equipment in use.
  • We facilitate to track equipment location, repair history, and calibration data to ensure that equipment in use is in good condition and provide accurate results.
  • We help to capture the factory test and repair events for each serialized product by serial number
  • We provide solution to track their different types of merchandise through Barcode System
  • We have created a Report Engine that summons the entire daily transaction processes
  • Created a watch dog to monitor the replication process (7 servers) and report the status periodically to the administrator via email
  • Created a report engine to send Hourly/Daily/Weekly reports about panel units and emailed to the testing centers (9 locations across the globe)
  • Replication between databases (MySQL & Oracle) to make available ~5 million pieces of data on all manufacturing centers
  • Using bar code scanner to register the required units to the pack-list for shipping
  • The application handles multiple requests at concurrent time by manipulating asynchronously

Mobile Application Consulting Services

As most of us know it's very difficult to keep up with technology nowadays, especially in the mobile industry. As younger audiences are making a transition from computers to mobile phones and tablets, it can be very difficult to keep up with this demand, especially as a business owner or entrepreneur. It's hard enough focusing on growing your business, never mind the difficulty of developing and marketing new or existing mobile applications. We are here to help you navigate through the ever changing trends within the mobile industry.

  • Research & Strategies
  • Product Overview
  • Proofs of Concept
  • Development Reqirements
  • User Experience Requirements
  • Marketing Requirements

Mobile Application Design Services

Being that mobile design is relatively new and still in its infancy, it's very important that mobile designers have a strong understanding of each and every platform they are working with. Whether working on developmental limitations or interface prototypes, Our design team recognizes that the initial framework is essential in determining the overall user experience, while remaining within the projected time frame and budget.

  • User Experience
  • Interaction Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Usability Testing
  • Marketing Collateral Development

Mobile Application Development Services

For each and every project, we will provide you with a team of hand picked specialists that are specifically selected to fit your unique and individual needs. We take pride in providing each client with specialized developers that will streamline the mobile application process and push the boundaries of your vision. We will make your dreams a reality.

  • iOS, BlackBerry, Android & Windows Interfaces
  • Existing Application Integration
  • Enterprise Service Integration
  • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Deployment and Maintenance

Administration Interface Overview

The Administration Interface is the advanced back-end interface, providing powerful tools for content management and editing as well as site management, configuration, customization and development. What makes the Administration Interface more advanced is not only what it enables you to do, but the interface itself. The visual presentation of content is stripped down, with all design elements, layout and styling pertaining to the public siteaccess removed. The Administration Interface, does however, have its own layout, but it is restricted to structural organization of content, with navigation menus and access to management operations

We provide Quality solutions, our professional custom software consultants can help you define efficient business processes that can improve your operational efficiencies and your time and money. Equally importantly, our custom software designers will help you evaluate business practices and software solutions designed to increase customer loyalty and improve customer retention. If you are serious about using software to enhance your business then you must consider software consulting, software design, custom software development or a custom software solution from us. Our software designs include detailed use cases, easy to understand wireframes and user interface prototypes, complete database models, and implementation / test plans. Our database development projects typically include a data model, data dictionary, database normalization, and embedded stored procedures / triggers for maximum custom software performance. .

Food service Industry

Our client provides transparency and connection from the first to the last mile of the supply chain, enabling food producers and retailers to meet food safety requirements, build shopper loyalty, and optimize freshness and quality. Over 400 leading brands and retailers have adopted our client's platform


Our client was encountering several challenges when it came to managing the inventories it performed in its Warehousing department. The organization used a paper-based manual process for tracking its inventories and needed an efficient automated solution. The organization approached Riverstone to develop a Barcode tracking system to streamline and automate its process of initiating and managing inventories and to assist in its initiative to go green.


Riverstone began the engagement by meeting with the client on numerous occasions to better understand the client’s needs and the processes involved in their shipping and warehousing department. Riverstone documented all of the client’s requirements and created a story board to visually demonstrate to the client the flow of the application. Once the solution was developed and thoroughly tested Riverstone conducted a user acceptance testing (UAT) session with the client. Over the course of several feedback and general brainstorming sessions. Riverstone and the client finalized the solution. The end product included not just a system for managing the inventories, but also an end-to-end process of the entire supply chain management


Riverstone created a custom application software using Microsoft .NET for PTI client, Ruby on Rails for portal and SQL Server technologies. This system allows users to initiate studies using a browser based interface and to manage the entire workflow of shipping. In addition, a graphical representation of all the studies being conducted in a given timeframe is available to management with the click of a single button. The system also allows users to filter each package by status and quickly look up the details of a particular study. The robust security framework within the system allows users to only access authorized sections.

Get a jump on your embedded Linux development

Could you benefit from having a Timesys engineer come to your site for 2 days to jump start your embedded Linux development efforts? If so, then you need to keep reading ...

We’ve done this for other engineering teams like yours through our official “Jump Start” offering. Through our Timesys Jump Start Service, a Timesys engineer will come to your site for 2 days to help you:

  • Set up all necessary tools on your development machines,
  • Boot Linux on the development kits that you’ve purchased,
  • Build “hello world” on your PC and remotely debugging it on your dev kit,
  • Reconfigure/patch/rebuild the Linux kernel,
  • Add or remove packages from your root filesystem,
  • Customize the startup sequence on the dev kit,
  • Provide guidance as you start writing or porting your applications and
  • Answer other questions your team might have.
  • You (and your team) undoubtedly have plenty of questions about the best way to get productive in a hurry. Our Jump Start Service begins with a review of your project and goals, after which we customize and deliver one day of training and one day of on-site support. You can lean on us to provide you and your team with on-site installation support, dev kit bring-up, and customized training that will get you set up and on your way to building your next-generation embedded device — quickly and easily.

Who's bringing up U-boot and Linux on your custom board?
Hopefully your embedded Linux project is going well as you begin to prototype your application on one of the many popular development kits. But odds are that you are not going to ship your product with that kit inside. You’ll be spinning your own custom board sooner or later — right? When you do that, it’s likely that someone will have to modify both U-boot and the Linux kernel to be consistent with the modifications you’ve made for your custom board. Have you figured out who on your team will do that?
If not, you might want to consider asking Timesys to help with this. The most frequent professional service we are asked to perform is board bring up. Our engineers have done this many times over the years, so we can help save time in your schedule by leveraging all of the lessons that we’ve learned along the way.